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Twin Tree Stump Heart

April 1, 2012

Kind of like they’re spooning. Or conjoined at the hip. Or something of that nature.

Curiously, they faded within a few days of my discovering them. After the tree had been cut down for many weeks.

I like that.

Upside-Down Tulip Heart

March 25, 2012

In honor of Spring. Which, truth be told, came a bit too early this year.

I don’t mind warm weather, but believe that winter in these parts needs to have a good measure of snow.

On account of all kinds of reasons…

But- here’s the tulip!

Valentine Reception and Sale

February 1, 2012

Saturday February 11 from Noon to 3 pm.

@ Art Works Gallery

3711 Rhode Island Ave

Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712

Just upstairs from the Post Office.

Y’all come!

Magnolia Blossom

Tree Paint Heart

December 22, 2011

Love this one. Near Mt. Rainier, the one in Washington, not near Washington.

State, and DC, respectively.

Gingko Leaf Heart

December 18, 2011

Simple, and to the point, dontchathink?

Bird Business Heart

December 4, 2011

I’ve seen these now and then- this is one of the best I’ve captured- and I mean that in the photographic sense.

Not in the “on my head when I was courting a fair lass in college” sense.

I scrubbed up, we had tea, and that was about all there was to that.

Squirrel-gnawed Walnut Heart

October 24, 2011

Not a big fan of the squirrel, I’ll admit it. Although they have merit- they make my dog Trudy very excited. And now and then they do nice work like this!

Glacier Heart

October 3, 2011

There I was, hiking on Mount Rainier after my niece’s wedding, and there it was!

Sideways, but still. I’m just sayin’




Slice O’ Spud Heart

September 28, 2011

One could imagine that I plan these- spot the potential heart and make them happen. But truly- I don’t! That would make it unfun for me. Like rigging a contest. Or cheating at tiddly-winks. I mean, really. Really? Really!

Pup Rump Heart

August 29, 2011

Well, that’s what it is!  From the hindquarters of Trudy, the best dog. Ever.

She just likes to contribute.  When she’s not vocalizing at passers-by, or going at it with her squeaky toy.

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