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Biscuits and Gravy Heart

March 14, 2012

So I know this one is a little weird! It looks a little like a uvula (you know, that strange little thing that hangs down from the roof of your mouth?  For no reason that is apparent to me.

Well this was biscuits and gravy breakfast at Urban Eats, and if I zoomed in on it any more it’d be creepy.

Valentine’s Dinner Hearts

February 15, 2011

Okay- I admit it!  I made these.

Finding Heart Book Available Now!

January 18, 2011

Hot off the presses! Found heart photographs! Poetry!

Order here:

Meat Cookbook Heart

January 7, 2011

Okay- it’s a bit too rare for some folks, but no question- the heart is there.

Apologies to all vegetarians!

Crabby Patty Heart

December 18, 2010

This was a few months back, but I recall that savory flavor. I don’t go much for Old Bay seasoning- too overpowering. An arguable point, perhaps. But after the meal is over, it’s all about the shape, right?

Sudsy Heart

December 13, 2010

Now I do love a dishwasher, but there are times it’s rewarding to do them by hand.

Apple Heart

November 7, 2010

Very autumnal, this bright green spot on a rosy red apple.

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