Finding Found Hearts- a story

This came from Barbara, who runs ArtWorks Studio School near where I live & work. She hosted the booksigning/poetry reading/slideshow a few weeks ago…

Hi Rick-

I have a funny story to tell you.
When you first came in to Art Works to hang your heart photos in September, I thought, “Oh, is this guy copying that guy that takes photos of hearts in nature?….I love that work…I’ve bought some of his cards…but this guy is really good too…so that’s cool and I love hearts in nature.”
And then you hung that beautiful show and I thought, “Wow…these are really beautiful. I wonder if he knows about that other guy?”
And then…while cleaning out my office the other day, I found the cards I have from the guy who does the hearts in nature.
I turned the card over and on the back it said, “RICK RUGGLES” I nearly fell out of my chair!!!
WOW. I have loved your work – and bought the cards – forEVER!!  (See me now doing that bowing thing they do at sports events when someone does something amazing)
It’s even inspired me and I have 2 little rocks that are heart shaped that I keep on my desk, and have for years. There’s magical thing about those hearts in nature…..
I had to share this story with you.

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