Twin Tire Track Hearts

What a pair of hearts!  We got about an inch of snow last week, just enough for this to happen.

Nothing like the many feet we got last winter, nor the blizzards of other parts of the

country.  Pretty much melted away now.


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2 Responses to “Twin Tire Track Hearts”

  1. Judy B. Says:

    I can’t believe it! I discovered twin tire track hearts in my driveway this month too! Awesome! I have had many hearts come into my life since I moved to my home seven years ago. My husband died on the day the moving truck was packing up our belongings and I started finding them the first week I was here. I have a long gravel driveway…..and that’s where it all began. First it was rocks. Now I now find them in the strangest places, just as you do. One of my favorites was when I cut an onion in half and found a heart in the middle. Another was a ripe red heart on a green apple.
    Also, sun shining under a curtain onto the carpet in the shape of a heart.

    • Rick Ruggles Says:

      Judy- thanks so much for telling me your story of a heart lost and so many found! In your husband’s honor my next post will be a green heart on a red apple.



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