Crabby Patty Heart

This was a few months back, but I recall that savory flavor. I don’t go much for Old Bay seasoning- too overpowering. An arguable point, perhaps. But after the meal is over, it’s all about the shape, right?

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5 Responses to “Crabby Patty Heart”

  1. Clytie Says:

    You are absolutely right – it’s all about the HEART shape!
    Never mind if it’s so hot it melts your taste buds off … as long
    as the shape is right! :=}

  2. jeannettestgermain Says:

    Came from Clytie’s blog~ Never tasted Old Bay seasoning!
    Love your jewelry, especially the “XO”

    and I have a wordpress blog too, only irregulat posts:
    URL: Jeannettestgermain(dot)wordpress(dot)com Have a great weekend!

  3. Dani Says:

    yummy…Great find. Im sure you enjoyed this meal.

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