Greetings all!

Here is my blog about my passion – Found Heart photographs. I don’t think I could avoid seeing them if I tried.  So I keep seeing them everywhere, and take pictures of them, a couple thousand by now.

You can buy some of them as prints, cards, posters, and other gift items at my website: www.foundhearts.com




13 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. kaylynne50 Says:

    Serendipity….I had been thinking about ordering more “food is love” cards from you, and today received your email. I’m excited about following your blog. Check out mine someday…

  2. Tammy Hitchcock Says:

    Hi Rick!
    I watched the video on your website and purchased a couple of magnets etc.
    The website is actually run by Robin and another Celo friend–just pictures and captions–please come visit someday–we have a guest house!

  3. Tammy Hitchcock Says:

    the celophoto.blogspot .com website gives you some idea of our life here.

  4. kaylynne50 Says:

    my blog is also on wordpress…… http://www.kaylynne50.wordpress.com

  5. heartynutrition Says:

    You ROCK!!! I love the chair stack!

  6. JUNE DECKER Says:

    Rick, I have two email addresses . I am giving you my latest address…
    I took don’t think I could avoid seeing hearts if I tried….

    June Decker

  7. foundhearts Says:

    Hey June,

    Thanks for your new info, and glad to hear you are still finding hearts!


  8. michelle Says:

    Dear Rick,
    I too, love hearts!!! I have been collecting stones that are heart shaped. I am always attracted to anything shaped like a heart so when I found your box of note cards I was thrilled. I am sorry that they are sold out but will be ordering other items from your website. Please tell me if you take Paypal? Don’t ever put your camera down!!!!!


    • foundhearts Says:

      Hey Michelle,

      Thanks for letting me know about your stone-collecting, it’s a great habit to be in, if you ask me.
      I appreciate your interest in my work- but don’t think Paypal will work with me. Let me know what you’d like to order by email (rick@rickruggles.com) and I can tell you the amount if you’d be okay with sending a check?



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